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Dr. Daniels used his face and signature on all of his products and advertising until the 1960s — including thermometers, medicine cabinetsbooks and calendars — all of which have become valuable collector items. 

Founded by Dr. A. C. Daniels

Dr. Daniels was a veterinarian with a unique passion for promoting optimum health in the farm animals and pets in and around the Boston area in the late 1800s.

During routine house (and barn) calls, Dr. Daniels became known for preparing remedy-specific medicinal treatments from the back of his buggy, which farmers and families could administer to their sick or wounded animals. 

His products worked so well that people started requesting a regular supply, so in 1878 he purchased a building at 75 West Brookline Street in Boston, where he founded the Dr. A. C. Daniels Company. His product line included formulas for farm animals, including horses, cows, sheep and dogs, with poultry and cat formulas added as time went on, all "guaranteed under the food and drugs act" at the time.

In 1903, Dr. Daniels' personal love of cats inspired him to begin making the signature gray flannel mouse and refillable wooden cat ball toys that you see on this website, complete with a box of his own 'Summit Brand' catnip leaves and tops—making Dr. Daniels the first in the nation to make and market catnip and catnip toys to the household feline. Now, over a hundred years later, we are still making these catnip toys the same way in his honor

Carried Forward by Regina and Bob

In 1914, Dr. Daniels' business was purchased and formally incorporated by Charles C. Rogers and Nellie Kidder. In 1954, the business and real estate were sold to Henry Van Baay, who later sold the product line to Dr. Donald W. Hey in 1959, when it was moved to its current location in Webster, Massachusetts.


While owned by Dr. Hey, a woman named Regina Kontoes began working with the company, first in the mail/catalog program, then in production and finally as the business manager. After 15 years she and her husband Bob decided to become the fourth family to carry on the Dr. Daniels legacy, and purchased the business in 1982.


For the next 41 years, they continued making Dr. Daniels products the same way they've been from the beginning.


As 2023 drew to a close, Regina and Bob decided it was time to retire and began searching for someone they could pass the Dr. Daniels torch on to... someone who was willing to continue the Dr. Daniels name, products, and more importantly, the legacy he created... 

Regina and Bob 3995.jpeg
Bryan and Richard SQ.jpg

Moving into the Future with Bryan...

At the end of 2023, a young man who had spent the majority of his life in the pet products industry heard that Regina and Bob were planning to dissolve the business, and something called out to his heart... he just couldn't see Dr. Daniels' legacy lost to time.

While he may be the newest owner of a nearly 150 year old company, Bryan Ashley is no newcomer to the pet industry, with over 25 years of experience in both management and sales. Best of all, he shares the two most important traits on which Dr. Daniels was founded: a true animal-lover's heart, combined with an honest desire to make a difference.

At a time when mom and pop stores and family-owned pet product manufacturers are being bought up by investment companies and mega corporations, Bryan will ensure Dr. Daniels' passion, purpose and products are carried forward, not only to preserve its unique and irreplaceable legacy for the local community, but for the continued enjoyment of pets and their people everywhere.

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