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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is it that makes cats go crazy for catnip?
    Catnip contains an essential oil called "nepetalactone" that causes most cats to react similarly to the way cannabis affects humans. When cats inhale, ingest, or rub up against catnip (or a toy containing catnip), it triggers a euphoric reaction that typically results in more playfulness and activity. That said, roughly 20% of cats do not have the genes that elicit a response to catnip. For this reason, we always recommend trying a small amount at first to see if your cat falls into the "love" or "ambivalence" category.
  • Is it safe to give my kitten catnip?
    Most cats do not develop a response to catnip until around six months of age. If your kitten is past that window, we recommend introducing a small amount for a brief period of time to see what their reaction might be. Remember, roughly 20% of cats do not react to catnip.
  • Does catnip need to be refrigerated?
    Catnip toys (once fully dry) and loose catnip in bags need to be kept in an airtight container to maintain its freshness... but beware the curious cat who discovers where you stored it... you might need to resort to the freezer!
  • Is Dr. Daniels catnip organic?
    Our catnip is 100% pure and natural. This means the soil is strengthened with commercial fertilizers, herbicide use is minimal if necessary, and insecticides are unnecessary given that herbs in the mint family are known to naturally repel insects.
  • What about dogs, can they have catnip too?
    We've been told by our cat customers that some of their dogs like to play with, and sometimes eat catnip toys. Whether this is an actual reaction to the catnip, or just typical dog/cat rivalry, we'll never know. That said, we do have people who buy catnip for their dogs!
  • How do you ship my order?
    We offer fast, affordable shipping using UPS Ground to ensure your furry friend receives their new toys in a timely manner. Our shipping costs are based on the total cost of your shipment, as itemized here >
  • I have a problem with my order, what can I do?
    No sale is ever final... We want you and your pet to be completely satisfied with your purchase from Dr. Daniels and we unconditionally guarantee all merchandise. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it within 30 days of receipt to make an exchange or receive a refund (excluding shipping and handling charges). Discounts on multiple item savings are subject to reduction if merchandise is returned. To return or exchange an item, please contact us by email to begin the process. Once we receive the item, we will issue a refund or send a replacement, whichever you prefer.​
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